All about lingerie

On this post, we will talk about lingerie but remember there are other outfits you can bring to your session too that look very cute and sexy, like spaghetti shirts, loose sweaters, etc, but I think we all agree that if we think of boudoir, most of us think of lingerie, so, let’s start.

Lingerie is an important part of your Boudoir session, if chosen right it can be your best friend during your boudoir session. Let’s see some of the most common items and how they can help you according to your body type.

Some general notes before continuing – There is no woman with the perfect body, believe me, your body is already perfect. Like you, I am a woman and I understand that sometimes we want some things in our body to improve.

Said the above, there is a great variety of tricks to emphasize some details and decrease others. One of them is to choose a good wardrobe for your session. If you find something that you like, try it, move with it, sit down, lie on your stomach, lie on your back, sit on your bent legs, and if you are comfortable with it and you like what you see, then it is a piece that will be for your session.


Corsets shape and accentuate curves by cinching the waist and supporting the breasts. They run close to hips. This classic piece of lingerie creates a classically feminine silhouette. Some come with bra and some without it.

Should you use it for your boudoir session?

Corset and Bustiers are my super favorite outfits for a boudoir session. They look super sexy and elegant. If you want your waist and your stomach to look firm and flat and maybe to hide some scar on your stomach, then it is meant for you. Only make sure it helps to support your bust, or if it comes without a bra then get one that fits your body and needs. Some of the poses we will do will be laying on your back that’s why it is important to have an outfit that supports your bust so it stays in place.


As corsets, bustiers usually have a push-up bra, they help to accentuate the curves but have less boning and cinching. They run just to the waist.

Should you use it for your boudoir session?

As mentioned before, this piece helps accentuate the bust, so if you would like to emphasize this part of your body and you are happy with the support that gives the rest of your body then this could be the favorite piece of your boudoir session.


They look like short nightgowns, they are sleeveless and feature spaghetti straps. Babydolls have a loose fit. They often have cups for some chest support.

Should you use it for your boudoir session?

These pieces look adorable and super sexy. If your bust is not very big and if you are happy with some roll in the waist, this may be a good recommendation for you. If you do not quite comfortable with your waist or rolls you still can bring your favorite babydoll and we can use it to do some poses laying over your stomach and it will look fantastic. But please also bring another outfit that helps you to keep your bust in place for the ‘laying on your back poses’.


Very similar to babydolls, they are sleeveless and features spaghetti straps. Generally, they don’t have chest support and the main difference is that they are fitted closely around the hips than baby dolls.

Should you use it for your boudoir session?

the chemises are super sexy too, and since many of these come in fabrics that are not transparent, you can use them if you want to hide some roll. Just keep in mind that these do not accent the waist or the bust. although you could use it with a bra without strips. These pieces are very closed to the body if you are interested in bringing one of these pieces to your session just make sure you can move comfortably and make certain poses such as sitting on your legs comfortably. Same with baby-dolls, also bring another outfit that helps you to keep your bust in place for the ‘laying on your back poses’.


It would be the lingerie version of a leotard, it covers from shoulders to hips, often with a closure at the crotch. Bodysuits offer a light shaping and smoothing, as well as a little of breast support.

Should you use it for your boudoir session?

The bodysuits are super comfortable and sexy, they help to hide a scar that you are not comfortable with although it does not mold the body a lot. They come in a variety of designs, some showing a lot of skin and others even more. If you are a very happy person with your body you should try if you feel comfortable with one of these pieces.


They come in a variety of shapes. A staple in every woman’s wardrobe, bras have a variety of fits and functions. Whether you’re looking for a sweet bralette to layer under a tank top or a sexy push-up bra to accentuate your bust, a well-fitted and well-made bra is a must. Picking a bra that supports your breast shape is key. For example, if your breasts are close together, try a full coverage or underwire-bra that will help lift and separate. If you have wide-set breasts, check out wireless or demi bras that offer space between the cups. And don’t feel limited to one type of bra: it’s a great idea to have a couple of different styles on hand for all occasions. A plunge bra, with a low center gore that won’t show under button-downs or low necklines, is always a good investment. Strapless or convertible bras are perfect for wearing under blouses or dresses that would otherwise show. Finally, the classic T-shirt bra is a wardrobe staple, with its comfortable fit and invisibility under tight-fitting clothes.